Now write a paragraph on A post Office

paragraph on A post Office

Now write a paragraph on A post Office.
The center of the postal system is the post office. It is a government office. The GPO is the head of the postal department of Bangladesh. A lot of employees are servicing in this department. Every district town has a head post office and a number of sub-post offices under it. However all the post office managements are the same. Every post office is under the supervision of one postmaster. There are many sections in the post office. There are Savings Bank attached in various post offices. In a small branch office, there is only one postmaster and no clerk. Here all work is done by the postmaster himself. Actually, branch post offices which cover small areas. At present the demand for post offices decreasing day by day because of improving other communication sectors. Especially mobile network communication is available in every comer of the country. Although the mobile network is available we depend on post offices. Now we are sending job applications, parcel, important official documents, etc. through our believed post offices. After all, we can say that a post office is indeed a boom to our life.

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