Write a Report on Eve Teasing

Report on Eve Teasing
Write a Report on 
Eve-teasing in Rangpur City.

Syful, Staff reporter, Chittagong; 28 March 2018: In the Rangpur city, Eve-teasing is a regular occurrence. It usually happens in school gates, college gates, buses, shopping centers, bars, Rangpur halls, taxi/bus terminals, railway stations, cafes, or any other imaginable places. The streets of Rangpur city are the main target of the willful young men to disturb girls and women. Unwelcome sexual jokes, showing obscene gesture, winking, the humming of suggestive songs, uncouth comments, a vulgar stare, a sly whistle, a well-timed clap, a lingering look-all these are characteristics of eve-teasing increases girls’ drop-out rate from school. It takes the lives of young girls. Eve-teasing causes many women to commit suicide. Eve-teasing has an alarming effect on society. So, it is the loyalty of the government to prosecute the law strongly and put a full stop to such crimes.

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