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الخميس، 23 يوليو 2020

বিভিন্ন আন্তর্জাতিক সূচকে বাংলাদেশের অবস্থান

বিভিন্ন আন্তর্জাতিক সূচকে বাংলাদেশের অবস্থান রিপোর্ট-সমীক্ষায় বাংলাদেশ।

الخميس، 28 مايو 2020

Now write a paragraph on the Benefits of Early Rising

paragraph on the Benefits of Early Rising

Now write a paragraph on the Benefits of Early Rising.
Early rising is a good habit. The habit of rising early should be formed during childhood. An early riser can have a good start of the day’s work. He can have finished a lot of work before others get up. Work done early in the morning is well done. At that time the mind and the body remain fresh. An early riser can take physical exercise in the morning breeze. It gives him energy for the day’s toil and moil. Thus he can finish all his work well in time. So he will not be late for going to bed and will enjoy a sound sleep. After a result of sleep throughout the night, he will rise early the next morning to begin the work of another day. The student who gets up early will get enough time to complete his studies. Again,  in the morning the atmosphere is calm and quiet. So, he can give proper attention to his studies. If a patient or a lazy man goes out for a walk for half an hour early in the morning, it removes all his laziness and makes his body and mind fit for works. Hence, all the successful persons used their time properly and got up early in the morning. There is a proverb:

Early to bed, early to rise

Marks a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Now write a paragraph on Reading Newspaper

paragraph on Reading Newspaper

Now write a paragraph on Reading Newspaper.
The newspaper is a paper which brings to our door with news and views from home and abroad. By reading a newspaper we get all kinds of information from home and abroad. We get news about the latest political movements and changes in the government. Those who are interested in sports can find the results of cricket, football, hockey, tennis, and other matches. Those who are interested in films and theatres may turn to film reviews. From the pages of a paper we may get the news about the present international situation and debate on the urgent questions of peace and war. We cannot but wonder at the wide range of news published in a paper. From space research to the stock exchange, market condition, railway time-tables, prayer-timings, advertisements, tender notice and business information-everything has a place in it. By reading a newspaper we can know what is happening and what happened within the last  24 hours in the world. It gives us current knowledge. So, it is called the storehouse of knowledge. We can say that an hour is given to the reading a newspaper is an hour thoroughly utilized.

Now write a paragraph on Global Warming

paragraph on Global Warming

Now write a paragraph on Global Warming.
The environment refers to air, land in which people, animals, and plants live. These important elements of the earth are being got polluted. Global warming all over the world rise in the temperature of the earth's surface. It has affected the environment and the whole atmosphere and has resulted in a huge level of climate change. A huge change in the earth’s climate system because of the global warming that is observed in the recent past years. The effects of increased global temperatures are melting ice, warmed continents, increasing sea level, seasonal changes, climate changes, changing precipitation, expansion of deserts in the subtropics regions, etc. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has reported in 2014 that according to scientists, global warming is mostly a human being created the environmental issue. It is mainly caused by ever-increasing level of greenhouse gases on the earth. Impacts of global warming differ from region to region all over the world. The retreat of glaciers, sea ice, more frequent extreme weather events, heat waves, heavy rainfall and snowfall, droughts, floods, ocean acidification, species extinctions, etc. are some huge impacts of shifting temperature regimes. In order to reduce the effect of global warming, effective societal responses are needed to be implemented and followed urgently. In a word to bad a happier and heal the liver, we should prevent global warming.

Now write a paragraph on Humanity

paragraph on Humanity

Now write a paragraph on Humanity.
Humanity is a precious quality of man. It is the quality of being kind, thoughtful, and sympathetic towards other people. A man devoid of humanity is just like a beast that doesn’t have morality. He eats, sleeps, and enjoys free life. On the contrary, the beasts have the only animation. They have no rationality. Rationality is such a quality that is found only in human beings. It differentiates human beings from the beasts. Nowadays we find many people in our society having no rationality. Their deeds are like that of a beast. These kinds of people are a threat to the peace and development of our society. Sometimes they do anti-social activities like acid-throwing, rape, etc. These create chaos and confusion in society. Humanity debars a man from doing all kinds of sinful acts. A man with humanity never does harmful work to society. So we should nourish humanity in our hearts for the greater interest of our country.

Now write a paragraph on Fishing

paragraph on Fishing

Now write a paragraph on Fishing.
Generally fishing means catching fishes from seas, rivers, canals, or ponds. It is very interesting but challenging as a career. Especially fishing in the sea is very interesting and full of risk. Those who earn their livelihood by fishing is called fishermen. They are very active and hard-working persons. They work day and night equally. The sun heating and rain cannot stop their works. Some of them go too deep seas for fishing without any radio set or motorboat. They cannot listen to the weather warning and their families become very anxious for their safe returning. Nowadays fishing and the cultivation of fish is the kind of hobbies of the young generation. They should be work in groups to make comfortable their works. Making boat and net, painting the boat, feeding the fishes, changing water, etc. are the works of fishing as a hobby. They should go to a river or deep sea for fishing by taking motorboat and a radio set with them. Nowadays fishing has become a very lucrative way of self-employment and many young men and women getting themselves trained in the pisciculture to get rid of the cause of employment.

Now write a paragraph on Admission into Universities of Bangladesh

paragraph on Admission into Universities of Bangladesh

Now write a paragraph on Admission into Universities of Bangladesh.
Admission into universities of Bangladesh is a very common affair in Bangladesh. Every year public and private universities enroll students in their universities. After completion of higher secondary certificate examination, thousands of brilliant students make dreams to take admission to universities, especially into public ones. The number of seats in public universities is very less than applicants. Most of the brilliant students choose public universities. So, it creates very competition among the students to get a chance into that-universities. The university authority sets a point of minimum marks of grade point average (GPA) as a minimum qualification to apply for admission. Then the students are to go through an admission test. The grade or GPA obtained in SSC and HSC is counted with the admission test ranks as well. Then the authority shortlists the students based on their performance and only high scorers again the seats are selected enrolment. This admission should be free and fare everywhere in Bangladesh.

Now write a paragraph on My Favorite Book

paragraph on My Favorite Book

Now write a paragraph on My Favorite Book.
The ‘Treasure Island’ by R. L. Stevenson is my favorite book. In fact, it is a great favorite with me. The hero of the book is a boy of thirteen. His name is Jim Hawkins. He accidentally happened to be on a treasure-hunting expedition. The treasure was hidden in a far off lonely island by some pirates. Jim and his party as well as a gang of pirates were seeking it. It is a long story of great struggles, adventures heroic deeds. It is full of thrill and suspense as well as horrors and terrors. Jim, by his bravery, saved his friends from John Silver, the most dangerous pirate that ever lived. He was defeated by Jim. In the long run he fled away in terror. Jim and his friends got the treasure and returned to England with their purse full of gold. When I find that the young hero wins over the forces of the evil I get a great pulsation of joy and delight. The author knows the magic of holding the young people spell-bound in it. It is my favorite book.

Now write a paragraph on Session Jam

paragraph on Session Jam

Now write a paragraph on Session Jam.
Session jam is a great problem in our higher educational institutions. Our colleges and universities are infested with this all-grasping session jam. Our educational institutions cannot finish the syllabuses in time. Student politics is mainly responsible for this. Our students take part in active politics they become the tools of our political leaders. To implement the agenda of the national leaders, our students call hartal or strikes in our educational institutions. The student also calls hartals or blockades in order to fulfill their demands of postponement of the exams, concession of the tuition fees, exam fees, etc. these activities impede the normal process of our institutions. Sometimes the teachers stop their activities for support of their service demands. All these things accelerate the session jams. The exams cannot be held on time. Results are not published in due time. The examiner's delay marking the answer scripts in due time also create session jams. This session jam has dire consequences. It snatches away valuable time and money of the students and their guardians. Our country fails to get the service of brilliant students. Thus session jams must be stopped for the smooth continuation of the academic activities in our country as well as our development of our country.

Now write a paragraph on Self Reliance

paragraph on Self Reliance

Now write a paragraph on Self-Reliance.
Self-reliance is at the root of all virtues. A self-reliant man is honored everywhere. He never depends on others. In society, there are many people who cannot stand on themselves. They have to depend on others' help. These people lose self-respect and personality. As an individual, a man must try to be self-reliant. Similarly a country should also try to be self-reliant in all respects. Nothing is impossible for a man if he tries sincerely. If a man or a country tries to be self-reliant and engages its energy and resources, he or it will surely attain self-reliance within a short span of time. A country that depends on others' help, is looked down upon by the other nations. Everyone pities a man who depends on others' help. So a man or a nation must try to be self-reliant. In fact, self-reliance is the key to success and contentment.